Home Brew - EP

Home Brew - EP

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In the fall of 2011 TUGG wrote, recorded, and produced their latest EP, "Home Brew". As the title would suggest the band took on every aspect of crafting this record. After many long hours, re-takes, mixes, beers, debates, cheers, and all around craziness the end product is "Home Brew": A 5 song journey that dives into the roots and foundation of a sound for which the band has worked so effortlessly to hone in the past 3 years on the road playing with their contemporaries & idols within the alternative reggae genre.

As one of the Midwest’s finest staples to the reggae-rock community, T.U.G.G. is notorious for their tropical vibes, breezy melodies, and living-the-life message”
- ThePier.org


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